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Roof Framing 101 Train The Trainer

REGISTER FOR CLASS:At Least 45 Days in Advance

Classes that do not meet the Minimum Attendance Requirements 45 days in advance will be cancelled.

The minimum participants for this course is: 6

Utilizes the NEW Training Solutions Curriculum available through the Training Solutions Website: Roof Framing Student Manual #CA0010M & Instructor Guide #CA0010G 

This new 5 day course replaces the old 3 day Roof Framing TTT workshop. This workshop is the first in a series that will be taught using the new Roof Framing Manual. Roof Framing 101 will cover the following topics in the first 5 chapters: Safety, Terminology, Mathematical Concepts, Framing with Trusses, Conventional Framing, Rafter Layout for Common, Hip and Jack Rafters. This will also include the assembling of several Gable and Hip Roofs. The old 3 day Roof Framing TTT and the new Roof Framing 101 TTT will be prerequisites for future Roof Framing workshops.

Attendees must wear appropriate work clothes inside the UBC International Training Center: long pants (no shorts), shirts with sleeves, leather shoes (no tennis shoes or sandals) or leather work boots (boots required for all workshops with hands-on training), no torn or wore-out clothing and no clothing with objectionable sayings.

Tech Coordinator: Fred Valigura


* This workshop is not scheduled at this time. Please contact your local training center to request to be added to the UBC International Training Center wait list. The class will be scheduled at first opportunity when class minimums are met.