CITF Class Registration

Overhead Bridge Crane Operator Certification - SWGS (Member Evaluation)

Participation by Invitation Only


  • Current Certified Rigger and Signaler (CRS)
  • Current Department of Transportation Physical or equivalent (valid for 24 months) - Submit copy of DOT Physical summary page with expiration date and physician's signature.

The minimum participants for this course is: 4

According to the new Crane & Derrick Standard an employer can deliver a proprietary certification to their crane operators. A proprietary certification is not transferrable to another employer. Since we are delivering this for signatory contractors, it is their proprietary certification.

Tech Coordinator: Brandon Burns


* This workshop is not scheduled at this time. Please contact your local training center to request to be added to the UBC International Training Center wait list. The class will be scheduled at first opportunity when class minimums are met.