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Powered Industrial Truck Operator Train the Trainer

REGISTER FOR CLASS:At Least 45 Days in Advance

Classes that do not meet the Minimum Attendance Requirements 45 days in advance will be cancelled.

The minimum participants for this course is: 10

PREREQUISITES: Current Powered Industrial Truck Operator - Industrial, and Powered Industrial Truck Operator - Rough Terrain, or Powered Industrial Truck Operator TTT

This 3-day course covers Industrial fork trucks and Rough Terrain vehicles in accordance with CFR 1910.178, ANSI standards (B56.1 - 1969) and ASME (B56.6-1992). 

The training is a combination of formal classroom instruction, practical hands-on training and evaluation of the operator's performance. 

You will be under the direct supervision of instructors who have the knowledge, training and experience to train operators and evaluate their competence.

Tech Coordinator: John O'Neal


* This workshop is not scheduled at this time. Please contact your local training center to request to be added to the UBC International Training Center wait list. The class will be scheduled at first opportunity when class minimums are met.