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Flowserve Qualified Pump Repair Technician - Level 1 Train the Trainer

REGISTER FOR CLASS:At Least 45 Days in Advance

Classes that do not meet the Minimum Attendance Requirements 45 days in advance will be cancelled.

The minimum participants for this course is: 6

PREREQUISITES: Current Flowserve Qualified Pump Repair Technician Level 1 or Flowserve Qualified Pump Repair Technician Level I TTT

Additional Requirement: Machinery Alignment Procedures TTT

Utilizes the NEW Pump Repair Technician Student Manual #MW0008M & Instructor Guide #MW0008G. 

The UBC/FlowServe Qualified Pump Repair Technician Level I Train-the-Trainer, 40-hour course has been completely revised. The new shop projects are relevant for Apprentices and experienced Journeymen. Shop projects include selecting the correct packing, calculating the correct number of packing rings with and without a lantern ring, cutting and installing the packing, pump disassembly and checks, filling out detailed worksheets, gasket lay out, cutting, and installation, multiple methods of installing mechanical seals, reassembling and testing the pump. There is a strong emphasis on using precision tools to accurately measure and determine the pump condition. Experience with precision tools is mandatory. 

To obtain qualification the attendee must pass written and shop proficiency tests, and successfully complete the Machinery Alignment Train-The-Trainer workshop. 

A scientific calculator is required. 

Tech Coordinator: Brandon Burns


  • 5/6/2024 - 5/10/2024 Registrations are not currently accepted.*
  • 10/28/2024 - 11/1/2024 (9 of 12 seats available - registrations close on 9/13/2024) register!