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Door Hardware - Electrified Train The Trainer

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The minimum participants for this course is: 6

Prerequisite: Door Hardware - Commercial TTT

Electrified Hardware TTT is a five (5) day course designed as an introduction to electrified door hardware, basic electrical circuits and troubleshooting. The course introduces the components of electrified door hardware devices, how they function and techniques to expedite their proper installation. This course provides the student with the basic principles of low-voltage electricity through “hands-on” classroom and shop exercises. This class will cover basic electrical circuits and safety, proper use of a digital multi-meter, interpreting schematic wiring diagrams along with codes, fire ratings, symbols, abbreviations and vocabulary terms relevant to basic electricity and electrified hardware.  

Upon completion of this course, the member will have a basic knowledge of electromechanical hardware components and how to troubleshoot them.  In addition, this course is focused on teaching the student how individual electrified architectural hardware components are used to create a “single-opening” door assembly and how to properly install and troubleshoot low-voltage components. 

Tech Coordinator: John O'Neal


  • 8/5/2024 - 8/9/2024 All seats have been filled.
  • 7/21/2025 - 7/25/2025 (10 of 10 seats available - registrations close on 6/6/2025) register!