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WFED 471 - Training in Business & Industry

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Classes that do not meet the Minimum Attendance Requirements 45 days in advance will be cancelled.

The minimum participants for this course is: 5

PREREQUISITES: Must have ICP Level II Certification & 270 OR Hold a position of Training Director or Training Coordinator in TRAIN

3 Day, Plus, Distance Learning Lessons Course 

Appraisal of training functions and development of competencies I work analysis, design, development, delivery, and evaluation of training. WFED 471 does not include any exams, as students are better assessed through actual application of the concepts and procedures. As a result of successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define key terms relevant to Workplace Learning and Performance (WLP)
  • Identify current instructional methods and media
  • Trace the roots of WLP and apply to the American Dream
  • Compare pedagogy and andragogy
  • Evaluate their own competencies within the Models for HRD Practice
  • Identify the seven major roles of WLP Professionals
  • Explain the difference between values and ethics
  • Identify trends that may have an effect on their organization
  • Define human performance; - Explain the comprehensive performance analysis model
  • Apply learning, instructing, and instructional planning to adult learners
  • Compare employee development, education, and training
  • Review a research article
  • Describe approaches to identify issues, problems; * Correlate the effect that higher level learning objectives have on the outcomes within the affective, cognitive, and psychomotor domains
  • Explain norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests
  • Perform a preliminary analysis for market research within their own organization
  • Describe evaluations occurring before, during, and after performance improvement interventions
  • Identify the role that most closely represents their own duties
  • Develop their professional development action plan

This workshop also contains a series of distance learning lessons that must be completed to receive credit for the workshop. Upon completion of this course, you will receive 3 credits from Penn State University. These credits can be applied to a bachelors degree in vocational education. This course is part of the UBC Instructor Certification program.

Tech Coordinator: Brian Connearney


  • 4/15/2024 - 4/17/2024 Registrations are not currently accepted.*
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