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WFED 445 - Vocational Guidance

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The minimum participants for this course is: 5

Prerequisite: Workforce Education 105 (WFED 105), Workforce Education 106 (WFED 106), and Workforce Education 207 (WFED 207)

3 Day, Plus, Distance Learning Lessons Course 

Problems and Possibilities of vocational guidance; the field of guidance and guidance literature; methods of field work; school guidance techniques. WFED 445 does not include any exams, as students are better assessed through actual application of the concepts and procedures. As a result of successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose and importance of guidance counselors and career planners
  • Understand the benefits of career planning
  • Define and understand the purpose of a cumulative record
  • Define and understand the purpose of an anecdotal record
  • Define and understand the purpose of the student autobiography or portfolio
  • Understand what formal assessment instruments are (standardized tests, interest inventories, personality assessments, etc.)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the important considerations and techniques involved in using conferencing to help students meet their needs
  • Understand the purpose of conducting a conference with an apprentice
  • Explain the types of common conferences they may encounter
  • Successfully conduct a conference with an apprentice
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the important considerations in dealing with gender, race, and disability issues in the workplace
  • Understand the purpose of providing services which enable those with equity issues to advance in the construction careers
  • Plan a program which would promote the technical training center in the community as a viable place for people to learn about carpentry and construction
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic techniques involved in assisting students in applying for employment or further education
  • Demonstrate knowledge of dealing with workplace problems, particularly employer/employee relations, coworker relations, and complying with policy and promotion procedures

This workshop also contains a series of distance learning lessons that must be completed to receive credit for the workshop. Upon completion of this course, you will receive 3 credits from Penn State University. These credits can be applied to a bachelors degree in vocational education.

Tech Coordinator: Alfonso Bastidos


* This workshop is not scheduled at this time. Please contact your local training center to request to be added to the UBC International Training Center wait list. The class will be scheduled at first opportunity when class minimums are met.