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Learning Technologies Panel Meeting

REGISTER FOR CLASS:At Least 45 Days in Advance

Present an overview of instructional technologies, including hardware, software, and apps currently available and applicable to trainers and training centers affiliated with the Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF). Emphasis will be placed on awareness of these technologies, but will include some foundational application use and discussion of the technologies to permit attendees to begin selecting and implementing instructional technologies when they return to their home training centers. This course is appropriate for those new to technology and will provide additional resources to those already using instructional technologies. Program will utilize Apple iPad technology but discussion will also include other major platforms. 

Tech Coordinator: Chad McDonald


  • 12/4/2023 - 12/8/2023 Only Administrators are allowed to make registrations for this session.
  • 1/29/2024 - 2/2/2024 (6 of 10 seats available - registrations close on 12/15/2023) register!