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Armstrong Suspended Drywall Grid Ceilings and Soffit Certified Installer Train The Trainer

REGISTER FOR CLASS:At Least 45 Days in Advance

Classes that do not meet the Minimum Attendance Requirements 45 days in advance will be cancelled.

The minimum participants for this course is: 6

Utilizes the NEW Training Solutions Curriculum available through the Training Solutions Website: Advanced Metal Framing Student Manual & Instructor Guide. Also we will be utilizing the Armstrong Technical Guides for Flat, Curved and Stucco and Plaster Ceilings.

This five-day Armstrong Certified Installer workshop is based on Armstrong Drywall Grid Systems. The Installer will demonstrate the systems capabilities, through written and hands-on testing. The focus will be on job planning, layout, creation of templates, and installation of flat drywall grid ceiling and soffits. The biggest advantage of using these products is they can be suspended from the structure using hanger wire, thereby increasing productivity without sacrificing structural integrity. Stick built and modular suspended ceilings and soffits will be fabricated using various drywall grid components, these Armstrong components include Drywall Grid, QuikStix®, ShortSpan®, Stucco/Plaster Grid®, strong backs, and Drywall related accessories. Upon satisfactory completion the Trainer will become an Armstrong Certified Installer Trainers and will be able to certify UBC member as Armstrong Certified Installers.

Tech Coordinator: John O'Neal


* This workshop is not scheduled at this time. Please contact your local training center to request to be added to the UBC International Training Center wait list. The class will be scheduled at first opportunity when class minimums are met.