CITF Class Registration

Underwater Welding Seminar

Must complete Prerequisite Verification Form upon registration
Submit the following documentation:
- Commercial Diver Certification 
- Dive Physical / Medical Clearance to Dive (must be current until the last day of class)
- Topside / Dry Structural Welding Certification (must be D1.1 or D1.5 and include overhead and vertical)

This 5 day workshop uses the American Welding Society code book for Underwater Welding D3.6M.
Some of the topics covered includes setting working temperatures for welding machines, electrodes and their parameters, specialized equipment, proper grounding, welding techniques, and terminology.

Participants will be given the opportunity to test in accordance with AWS D3.6M. Those who are successful will be presented with an Underwater Welding Certification.

This course is scheduled at the request of contractors to meet the needs of jobs requiring certified underwater welders. Contractors should contact the CITF for consideration. Sessions will be scheduled accordingly.

Tech Coordinator: Brandon Burns

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  • 6/3/2024 - 6/7/2024 All seats have been filled.
  • 7/15/2024 - 7/19/2024 (3 of 4 seats available - registrations close on 5/31/2024) register!
  • 9/9/2024 - 9/13/2024 (4 of 4 seats available - registrations close on 7/26/2024) register!
  • 10/28/2024 - 11/1/2024 (4 of 4 seats available - registrations close on 9/13/2024) register!